Prices & Payment methods

Price includes the following:
A detailed inspection of both the inside and outside of your new home anywhere in the country.

Issuing of a detailed report including the results of the 200 point check list within 48 hours of the home inspection.

Issuing of photographs of any item that makes it onto the snag list within 48 hours of the visit.

We will also send a copy of the report and photographs to the property developer.


"...We will then revisit your home to make sure  everything on the snag list has been fixed..."


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Snag List for A New Build - € 350 € 200
Re-Snag On a New Build - € 150 € 120
Snag on re-refurbishments/renovations - € 400 € 250
Re-snag on refurbishments/renovations - € 350 € 150




All above prices are inclusive of VAT.